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How the days flow by as Amy and I continue to get our feet under us with this new creation, Sanctuary for the Arts. Our second monthly worship service is tomorrow afternoon, already. The first one, held March 2, seems a millenium ago. Well, not quite, but this project has a thousand tendrils to it that need thought, exploration, and development. The days whistle past, and yet they are so full that they take their good time adding up. If this is what planting a mustard seed feels like, then the grown plant certainly will be something to behold. I threw the initial idea out there last December convinced that if this is what God wants, then I need and want to get on with it. I am coming to believe that God is indeed in the midst of this dream. And I know that God will have to be very much present with both of us, and also with all those who come and give this new way of being church a try. I would not have it any other way.