Hi, I am Jeff Cheifetz, an experienced PC(USA) minister who has been doing transitional ministry for the last 19 years. I am passionate about creating and maintaining healthy communities of faith, and I have dedicated myself toward that end in each of 7 transitional churches in 3 denominations.

In 2014 I joined with Amy Shoemaker in creating a non-church church that involved the arts while giving itself in service to the larger community. As an InterPlay leader, I was fascinated by the idea of an “InterPlay church”, in which worship would include storytelling, movement, song, music, sacred readings, and proclamation, to the end of fully engaging body, mind, and soul thus living into our incarnational theology.

We created it, it lived for 2 years, and we closed it down. We finally ran out of people, money, and energy. But we gave it a good shot. Long live the Reformation.

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