Celebrating a Life and Love

A creative and healing way to mark transition when one’s partner has Alzheimers.

FUN [and NOT SO MUCH] with Alzheimer's

WayneA couple of weeks ago, we held a wake/memorial service for W.  Though his body is not yet dead, I feel the loss of my husband, my companion, my play-mate, my champion.  My spiritual director helped me to construct a service that noted this deep transition and change of circumstance, while remembering the treasured person that W has been, and acknowledging that God is still in the midst of it all.  It was very helpful for me to participate in this and to have the presence of a few friends and colleagues around me.  I even found a great venue:  a church building that is now a theatre (W and I met in the theatre, and I now work as a pastor, so the combo history of the venue was irresistible).  We held the service in the lobby,  had lots of food and music.  The service itself was marked by a…

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