Sanctuary for the Arts

So it is actually happening! A new church, I mean. In December I linked up with Amy Diane Shoemaker, and determined that partnership in this endeavor was a great idea. We held small group conversations in February, and then launched on Sunday, March 2, at InterPlayce in Oakland. Twenty of us had a great time moving, telling stories, singing, doing art, and in general having a wonderful non-churchy improvisational embodied worship service.

Our next gathering will be Sunday, April 6, 5:30pm, at InterPlayce, at the corner of 23rd and Telegraph.

In the meantime, we are putting on a mid-Lenten season renewal retreat for clergy!  So if you are a clergy-person and want to:

  • Harness renewed energy to carry you through Easter

  • Gather with fellow clergy to reconnect with sustaining breath

  • Recharge your body, mind, heart and spirit

  • Move, tell your story and explore the grace of God

 Then….Register by 5pm March 20 for $125! Includes a delicious lunch. (Regular Price: $250)

 Questions? email us!
 All registration donations will support the development of Sanctuary for the Arts, a new worshipping community based in Oakland, CA.

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